ed withou●t salt in a variety of forms,■ each more odious than the last. Veniso■n was a luxury found only at feasts■; dog-flesh was in high esteem; and, in som●e of the towns captive bears were fa■ttened for festive occasions. Thes■e tribes were far less improvident tha●n the roving Algonquins, and stor■es of provision were laid up ■against a season of want. Their main stock o■f corn was buried in caches, or de●ep holes in the earth, eithe■r within or without the houses. In respect to■ the arts of life, all these st■ationary tribes were in advance of th●e wanderi

ng hunters of the North. The women ma●de a species of earthen pot for cooki

ng●, but these were supplanted by the copper■ kettles of the French traders. They wove rus■h mats with no little xxxi skill. They spun t●wine fr

om hemp, by the primitive process of rol■ling it on their thighs; and of th●is twine they made nets. They● extr

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